Using the new HTML reporter (Difido) in JSystem 6.1.01

We are introducing a new, shiny, and more modern HTML report to be used with JSystem.

This report has a few notable benefits

  • It is much prettier!
  • It has almost no effect on the test execution time. This is one of the biggest problems
    of the old reporter.
  • It is customizable. Since all the data is kept in Json formatted files, one can easily
    add additional views to the report and to display the information in various ways.
  • The Json model that is part of the report can be read by external systems or can be
    stored in NOSQL databases.
  • It is more dynamic. Many views are sortable and searchable.

The new HTML report is pretty much ready but we feel that it is a little early for it to replace
completely the old, well known, HTML report.

But if you want to give it a try (and I really think you should), it is a pretty simple process.

All you have to do is to open JSystem runner and from the menu select the
Tools->JSystem properties 

In the Reporter tab, find the reporter.classes property and click on the button that is
attached to it. While holding the Ctrl button, deselect the and select the instead.

Just save it, restart the runner and you are good to go.




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