System Objects List

System Objects are Java modules used to interfaces with devices and applications in the testing environment. In other words, System Objects are drivers to control the DUT and the testing equipment.

Want to write a new System Object and share it with the community? Start by reading this article which explains the principals of writing SystemObjects.
Once the SystemObject is ready, send it to us and we will review it and add it to the arena.

Following is a list of currently available system objects. Note that some system objects are not released yet (needs cosmetic and documentation). However, they are available per request. Just send an email to and we will be happy to share the code with you.

Name Description Site/Download More Details
cli Telnet/SSH/Rs232 built in JSystem
stations Windows/Linux unified management (activating/monitoring processes/controlling network adapter and more) built in JSystem
ftp File transfer between machines without have to install servers built in JSystem
snmp SNMP 1,2 built in JSystem
swing System Object for testing Swing GUI applications using Jemmy. The System Object also uses XML/RPC component for controlling the application under test. built in JSystem
selenium System Object which assist with working with selenium project for web testing built in JSystem
catalina System Object for easy embedding of tomcat catalina in java code built in JSystem
iperf System Object for managing and controlling Iperf traffic generation tool built in JSystem
wireshark System Object for managing and controlling Wireshark sniffer built in JSystem
tcpdump System Object for managing and controlling tcpdump sniffer built in JSystem
adtech JSystem
advantec usb port switch JSystem
airopeec JSystem
ant JSystem
apc JSystem
apcon JSystem
catalist JSystem
cisco router JSystem
cisco switch JSystem
hammer JSystem
ixia ixchariot JSystem
ixia ixexplorer JSystem
ixia ixload JSystem
omnipeek JSystem
packetstorm JSystem
rfc2544 JSystem
scpi JSystem
shunra storm JSystem
spirent avalanche JSystem
spirent smartbits JSystem
spirent testcenter JSystem
SWT testing agent Agent which control SWT GUI applications + System Object which controls the agent. swtagent
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