How to use RS232

JSystem enable you to connect and mange peripheral devices using several protocols like SSH, Telnet, RS232, SNMP and more. In this post I will show how to use the RS232.

First you have to enable RS232 for your java installation. Java do not come with out of the box support for RS252 and you have to install it into you JDK directory.

First download

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Pre regression tests

The idea of ‘Pre regression tests’ is to create small and non-context tests that will verify connectivity and automation infrastructure validity. The main idea is to find those problems in the right context.

One of the time burners in tests automation (especially in the regression parts) is “layer 1” failure. “Layer 1” failure is a basic failure that causes the all execution to be total waist.

Usually the “Layer 1” failure will be of 2 types:

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Web test automation best practices

In this post I will try to summaries my experiences with web test automation. I will refer to selenium and Java examples, although most of the issues raised in the examples are also applicable with the use of other tools as well. I will start by discussing high level strategic issues and then drill down to a more technical level.


Web as GUI testing is comprised of three major elements:

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Updated Selenium object and more…


There is a new updated Selenium system object.
Besides the new updated selenium system object two more additional modules were added:
* – this module wraps the Selenium client driver and adds additional JSystem functionality like the reporting. If there is a need to add analyzers, logs, etc, they should be added to this object.
* – this module will allow you to just copy code from the Selenium Firefox IDE (plugin) and use it in the test. Please see the below an example:

package com.jsystem.examples.selenium;

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JSystem 3 minutes tour


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Profiling scenario execution with JProfiler

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Join the Test Automation Group


Join the Test Automation Group at

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JSystem Eclipse plugin for exporting to Wiki

One of the goals of the JSystem is to test the business logic of the SUT.

You can find a lot of documentations about this methodology on this site, so there is no point in repeating it in this blog. I will remind just one thing and this is the system objects approach that allows us to concentrate on business logic. We create system objects as an infrastructure that will be used by testers creating the actual tests and because of that we should make sure that all the functionality that we have created in the system objects, is well documented.

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Lightweight Automation Test Plan Template


This post has been written in order to explain the lightweight template for functional tests document that is the base for the automation process. Test architects can use this template to better integrate with automation experts.

This template is not focused on generic test plan issues (like the document versions) on automation specific issues.

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Activating Junit tests from Command Line

Running Junit tests from command line requires two things.
1) setting your classpath.
2) invoking the junit command.

you’ll need the following elemements in your CLASSPATH:

* JUnit class files
* Your class files, including your JUnit test classes
* Libraries your class files depend on

Windows Example:
set CLASSPATH=%JUNIT_HOME%\junit.jar;c:\myproject\classes;c:\myproject\lib\something.jar

Unix (bash) Example:
export CLASSPATH=$JUNIT_HOME/junit.jar:/myproject/classes:/myproject/lib/something.jar

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