JSystem Agent with Linux and Vista

Here are some steps which will make the JSystem Agent run on Linux and Vista
This post assumes that you are familiar with JSystem Agent, and that you have managed to run it on XP.


Working with the JSystem agent on Vista is similar to working on XP, with these two issues:

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Approaches to controlling remote machines

A common requirement in system testing is to remotely control
Linux/Windows machines (copy files, run processes, perform advanced searched and analysis on the remote machine etc’)

This challenge can be approached in two ways using jsystem:

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Testing Swing based applications with JSystem


This article describes how to test Java Swing based desktop applications with JSystem “swing” package.
The fundamental problem that we have to deal with is how to emulate user operation on the application.
After reading this article you will be able to write a simple JSystem test project that emulates user operations on your application and analyzes application state (text in the windows etc’)

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System object project VS tests project

Following is a question sent by one of our users, I think it will interest other users.

”I have a question that confuses me for a long time when I use the JSystem Framework.

When I create a new JSystem Project in Eclipse, there are two choices under the JSystem item: “JSystem System Object” Project and “JSystem Test Project”. Can you tell me whether there are differences between them? “



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J2AutoIt updates

The use of the AutoIt ( ) as automation tool, forwarding the JSystem to extend the support in the tests.
Therefore we extends the JSystem framework to support in the AutoIt tool.
In the last J2AutoIt update you may found some useful AutoIt commands :
1. Windows Registry handling:
a. ‘RegEnumKey’.
b. ‘RegEnumVal’.
c. ‘RegRead’.
d. ‘RegWrite’.
e. ‘RegDelete’.
2. Clipboard support:
a. ‘ClipPut’.
b. ‘ClipGet’.
3. Application handling:
a. ‘WinKill’.
b. ‘WinGetTitle’.
c. ‘WinWait’ (with timeout argument).
d. ‘ControlSetText’.

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Upgrading JSystem from old version

Upgrading the JSystem environment is pretty basic, though requires some work for old versions.

Currently, two issues affect the upgrade:
1) Scenario as Ant file.
As of JSystem 4.8, the scenario file was converted to Ant format.
All older scenarios will be converted to Ant format on JRunner detection.
Note: this operation is not reversible!

2) Jars changes
As of JSystem 5.0 there were several jars changes in the JRunner libraries.
* The runner\lib\jsystem.jar was replaced with jsystemCore.jar and jsystemCommon.jar.

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Integrating Java and COM

The main challenge I faced was to integrate Java with COM objects. I tried few java2com bridges but I was not satisfied with the solutions. It was too completed and tend to break at the edges.

I decided to use vbscript. It is very simple to work with and it (obviously) has very good COM integration. The problem with vbscript is that it missing very impotent feature, it don’t have the option to work as an interpreter. I need this flexibility to build the vbscript dynamically as the Java code is executed.

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Selenium Upload/Download file handling

In general download and upload dialogs are not new browser windows but rather interpretation of the required file input by the browser. This is why you can’t handle this like normal popup window by using waitForPopup() and selectWindow() methods.

So what are the options? Actually we have two:
1.    Use autoit tool script
2.    Use AWT robot  and use JInvoke

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How to get jsystem sources

Following are instractions to get full functional source environment of JSystem:

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JSystem Course (January 2009 – Israel)

JSystem course Details January 2009

Course subject:

Best practices of test automation development with JSystem

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