Jenkins Integration – Pulling From A Git Private Repository

Integrating Jenkins with Git is not a complicated task by itself and can be achieved by using all kinds of Jenkins plugins that will be discussed later on, As long as you are pulling your code from a Git public repository it is indeed a simple task, […]

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Jenkins Integration – Parameterized Job

Run Jsystem Code with Parameters In the previous¬†tutorial we have configured a maven build step that runs Jsystem’s test code with the following command: org.jsystemtest:jsystem-maven-plugin:run -Dscenario=scenarios/default -Dsut=default.xml in this case the scenario and the SUT are “hard coded” into the job’s configuration, which can be fine, but […]

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Jenkins Integration – Simple Project

Jenkins Configuration Bear in mind that the next steps we will configure a simple job that runs on Jenkins’ machine Go to Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Jenkins Configuration. This page allows us to configure Jenkins’ basic configuration JDK Under JDK click JDK Installation Click on Add […]

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